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Top rated exotic cars made in America

When we hear the word “Exotic car” the foremost thing comes in your mind is what does it means? Answer is very simple and clear from these two word and that is, a car that’s price is very high, made by the skilled and experts professionals and its designs don’t match with any inexpensive car. Exotic cars are also known as Super Car. There are so many new models cars are introduced in the market which are eye catching and creating a wish among the car lovers to but it as soon as possible.

Following are some new top rated exotic cars introduced in America:

Chevrolet Corvetter ZR1

It is a new model 2019 car. It engine has 6.2 litters LS9 Super charged V8. It has a horse power of 638. You can’t match its performance with any one because its top speed is 205mph.


Falcon Motorsports F7

Falcon is also the most expensive car made in America; its engine has 7liters space. It’s beautiful design and looks make it quite appealing.

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

It is stated in different reviews that the interiors of the car is not that much luxurious and comfortable but its overall performance is excellent.


Mosler MT900s

The manufacturer of the car is making various sports cars since 1993. The outlook of the car is like a sports car. The best side of this car is that it is bullet proof.

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