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Top 3 websites for Shelby Cobra parts and kits

Cars are a passion for many people. Besides vintage and exotic cars, people also like kit cars and model cars.  To make kit cars, you need car kits which are found in different prices ranges. People get great satisfaction in building their own car from model car kits. The kits contain all the parts and necessary items needed to build a car.

Shelby Cobra is a vintage car and people love to have it. There are many websites for Shelby Cobra parts and kits. Here are the top 3 websites.

Pilgrim Motor Sports


The bodies of the car are of very good quality. They have gel-coat finish with high gloss shine and can be found in a number of colors including White, Black, Red, Navy Blue and Green.

AK Sports Cars


You can find different types of kits here. One is the basic body and chassis kit. The other one is the Factory Built Rolling Chassis. This is registered and you can start driving. The standard factory built AK 427 is 100% complete, taxed and registered.

Factory Five


The kits are designed to reproduce the looks of 427 Cobra. The essence of the car is kept intact, but modern technology, materials and parts are used. This improves performance, comfort and reliability.

With car kits you make a brand new car of your own choice. You can reassemble parts of famous cars and make an entirely new car. You need to plan well before buying the kit. You need to finalize the final look of the car, so that you know what parts to buy. You can take help from online or experienced people who have made cars using kits before. If you combine parts of many cars, it might get expensive. So, you should set your budget before buying your kit.

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