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You can buy exotic cars from only licensed dealers. There are a number of dealers for Shelby Cobra across USA. Here are some worth mentioning.

Hillbank Motor Sports, California


Hillbank Motor Sports is located in Southern California. It has a huge showroom where varieties of exotic cars are on display.

It features Shelby range of classic ‘60s. The cars are factory built and fully licensed.

Vernon Estes Classics LLC


They have a very good collection of historic and collectible cars.

The cars are handpicked by the company which ensures that the cars are of the highest quality. Among other cars, they offer a range of classic Shelby Cobra cars. They have their showroom at Overland Park, KS.

Mansfield Motor Group


This dealership company is located in Ohio. It sells many ranges of luxury cars, along with Shelby Cobra.

The staffs are very experienced and will walk you through the whole step of buying your desired car and getting the ownership of it.

Cobra Performance LLC


It is an authorized exotic car dealer located in central Pennsylvania. It sells then entire lineup of Superformance vehicles, including Shelby Cobra.

Exotic cars are expensive.You need trusted dealers from whom you can buy the car. This will give you the piece of mind that all the parts of the car are genuine. The dealers mentioned are all licensed and so you can rely on them for your purchase of exotic cars.