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davidExotic Car Share is a blog for written for those who love exotic cars! Well, who doesn’t? Frankly speaking, I became fond of these cars since my teenage years.

I used to have those car magazines in my room which I used read regularly. It made me thrilled to know the extraordinary features these cars have.

I have done my studies in automobile engineering. After completing my studies, I’ve worked for Mercedes Benz for about five years.

The world of automobiles is simply awesome! There is so much going on in this industry that if you don’t keep track of it for few months, you will miss out a lot about the latest developments of the industry.

In this blog, you will find information about the world’s most luxurious, prestigious and high performance cars.  Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren Pagani, Alfa Romeo, Shelby Cobra, etc. are some of the popular exotic cars that you will find in the market today. This blog focuses on Shelby Cobra. You will find everything about Shelby Cobra here. You will learn about the dealers, service centers, latest car models, etc.

I’m sure after reading this blog you will fall in love with Shelby Cobra. Happy reading!