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Sport Cars & Drunk Driving Accidents

I want to take a post to discuss someone very important and something that has affected me personally recently. Enjoying life by driving the car of your dreams is one thing, driving while drinking is another.  I wish my friend Bob had heeded that warning more seriously. Now he won’t have another chance.  Drunk driving facts are important for both sports car enthusiasts and exotic car owners to know. Drunk driving is one of the most common and controversial causes of car accidents.

A sports car accident automatically becomes alcohol-related if one driver is found to exceed the legal blood-alcohol level of .01 gram per deciliter. Read More

Top rated exotic cars made in America

When we hear the word “Exotic car” the foremost thing comes in your mind is what does it means? Answer is very simple and clear from these two word and that is, a car that’s price is very high, made by the skilled and experts professionals and its designs don’t match with any inexpensive car. Exotic cars are also known as Super Car. There are so many new models cars are introduced in the market which are eye catching and creating a wish among the car lovers to but it as soon as possible.

Following are some new top rated exotic cars introduced in America: Read More